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 California Chardonnay grapes fermented cold in stainless steel tanks for a crisp Chablis style finish

       Barrel Aged Chardonnay: 

                     Prairie Hawk Chardonnay aged 2 months in oak barrels


                     Riesling grapes from Washington state made in a sweet easy drinking style.


                     A lighter bodied fruit forward red. Good food wine but also light enough to enjoy on its own.


                    A naturally spicy flavor, lightly sweetened. If you dont know this wine already, you certainly will                                          remember it after your first taste.


                   Called Primativo in Italy, our Zinfandel is anything but primative. A zesty yet smooth presentation of a                              traditional favorite.  Aged a minimum of 4 months in french oak barrels

       Cabernet Sauvignon: 

                  Arguably the most popular red varietal in America. Our offering features a rich full bodied                                                       taste and a smooth lingering finish. Aged a minimum of 4 months in french oak barrels.